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Our Team


Creative Lead

Jo “Design Overlord”

Well versed in predicting fashion trends and forecasts & responsible for our creative direction.


Despot of the biscuit tin.


Favourite artist - Henri Rousseau

Favourite food - Noodles (Pho)


Head of Marketing

Fern "Marketing Marvel"

In house digital marketing pro and content curator. You can usually find her in Doc Martens with baby Faris in tow.

Head of “ROI, CPA, CPC and BLAHBLAH”

Favourite artist - Banksy
Favourite food - Pasta 


Digital Executive

James “Artistic Ninja”

Can whip up technical designs for any brief no matter how crazy they sound, and sometimes they sound really crazy. 


Head of “can you bullet point that.”


Favourite artist - Bob Ross

Favourite food - Pizza

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